Ben Lerner, DC 

Dr. Ben Lerner. New York Times best-selling author and CEO of the Ultimate Influence GroupMarch 16, 2022 Dr. Ben Lerner Educating yourself and expecting an ever-changing business landscape are critical to staying ahead of the curve of the next major business trend. New York Times...

The Leadership Podcast Series 

When earning her doctorate from the University of Arkansas, Dr. Jackie McMorris focused on transformational leadership and organizational change. In this episode of “Today’s Conversations on Leadership,” she tells Life U Vice President of University Advancement and Enrollment Dr. Gilles LaMarche how this translates to her current position as County Manager for Cobb County, Georgia.


Charmaine Ward-Millner 

Charmaine Ward-Millner, Director Of Corporate Relations at Georgia Power CompanyMarch 2, 2022 Charmaine Ward-Milner Creativity doesn’t just happen; it has to be incorporated into our daily schedules and nurtured with an open mindset. Charmaine Ward-Milner, Director of Corporate Relations at Georgia Power Company, joins us...

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