Ken Harris, DC 

Ken Harris, D.C., author of “Synchronicity: The Magic, The Mystery, The Meaning”January 5, 2022 Dr. Ken Harris Dr. Ken Harris, retired chiropractor, keynote speaker, lecturer and author of “Synchronicity: The Magic, The Mystery, The Meaning”, discusses the commonality between synchronicity and great leadership. Dr. Harris...

Dr. Herman J. Glass II 

Dr. Herman J. Glass II, Chiropractic specialist in Detroit, MichiganDecember 15, 2021 Dr. Herman J. Glass II Spend some time learning the golden nugget to leadership and success with chiropractic leader, Dr. Herman J. Glass II. Dr. Glass discusses the value of being mentored and...

Leadership in Military Aviation 

Tune into this conversation on leadership with one of Life University’s closest neighbors: Ron McLean, vice president and general manager of the F-16/F-22 Integrated Fighter Group at Lockheed Martin. Dr. Gilles LaMarche, VP for Advancement and Enrollment at Life University, interviews McLean regarding his personal…

Leadership Conversations

Leadership in Vital Health 

Click now to view another Today’s Conversations on Leadership session with Dr. Robert Silverman, Doctor of Chiropractic and author of “Inside-Out Health: A Revolutionary Approach to Your Body” and Life University Vice President of University Advancement, Dr. Gilles LaMarche. Hear all the TCL podcasts on…

Leadership Conversations

Leadership in Social Media 

In this edition of Today’s Conversations on Leadership, Dr. Jason Deitch, LIFE chiropractic alumnus, author, founder of AmpLIFEied and social media strategist discusses innovation with Life University Vice President of University Advancement Dr. Gilles LaMarche. Hear all the TCL podcasts on iTunes.


A Recommitment to Research 

It's no secret that one of the biggest gaps in chiropractic as a healthcare approach is its paucity of research. Life University is committed to contribute to filling that gap with a $1M allocation to its Sid E Williams Center for Chiropractic Research. To learn...
Education, History

A History of Persecution 

At the 2019 Fall CElebration, the Chancellor’s Plenary session included presenters who shared research and strategic direction for the future of chiropractic. The presentations also included a perspective on the history of chiropractic, which would be incomplete without including the persecution that the profession faced from the moment of…


Stephanie Sullivan, DC, PhD 

Dr. Stephanie Sullivan serves as the director of Life University’s Dr. Sid E. Williams Center for Chiropractic Research, fostering the objectively skeptical, collaborative, curious, creative, and exacting environment that science demands. Her work while earning a Ph.D. with the Biomedical & Health Sciences Institute, Neuroscience division…


AI Meets UI 

In 2017, Today’s Chiropractic Leadership  introduced the chiropractic profession to Quid. What is Quid? For the chiropractic profession, Quid may be nothing less than the interface between our traditional concept of Universal Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. Quid reads and organizes massive amounts of text into visual,…


Dr. Gerard Clum 

Regardless of political persuasion, many people agree that in retirement Jimmy Carter, based on his service to his community, his state, his country and the world, has built on his time in office to become one of the finest former presidents who ever lived. He…

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